Saturday, December 13

Monday, November 24

Five-Word Review of: Ivanov (Wyndham's Theatre)

Engaging production of depressing material.

(Starring Kenneth Branagh.)

Friday, November 14

Five-Word Review of: Waste (Almeida Theatre)

Fine acting portraying English stuffiness.

Wednesday, September 17

Five-Word Review of: Timon of Athens (Shakespeare's Globe)

Shows credit crunch’s “shitty” aftermath.

Wednesday, September 10

Special notice: Time magazine quote

Check out the Time quote!

Wednesday, August 20

Five-Word Review of: The Merry Wives of Windsor (Shakespeare's Globe)

Delightful production of Elizabethan "sitcom".

Thursday, August 14

Five-Word Review of: King Lear (Shakespeare's Globe)

Excellent performance shows tragedy’s darkness.

Tuesday, August 12

Five-Word Review of: Fat Pig (The Trafalgar Studios)

Wittily entertains without over sentimentalizing.

(Starring Robert Webb and Kris Marshall .)

Tuesday, August 5

Five-Word Review of: West Side Story Preview (New Wimbledon Theatre)

Promising cast performs enthusiastic preview.

Monday, April 21

Five-Word Review of: Speed-the-Plow (The Old Vic)

Goldblum masters Mamet's speedy dialogue.

(Starring Jeff Goldblum and Kevin Spacey, written by David Mamet.)